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Olga von Württemberg by Winterhalter.

Evening dress ca. 1885 (x)

Evening dress ca. 1885 (x)

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Evening dress 1887-1889 via MET.

Beautiful piece

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All pictures of fashion plates depicting ladies mourning dresses. These fashion plates are from “Godeys whose fashion plates ran from 1830-1860s” as well as a few fashion plates from “Authors home magazine 1860’s.” It was common for fashion plates to depict mourning styles among the other styles so that women in morning had an opportunity to have their clothes made in high fashion. See the fashions done in black also helped them to know what was acceptable and what was not. Black was not commonly worn unless one was in mourning. As per Queen Victoria who started the trend. Ladies are depicted in different scenes other than sitting at home alone in mourning clothing because this is how clothing advertising was done at the time.

Evening dress ca.1850
Evening dress c.1855
Evening dress ca.1850-1855

Day Dress ca.1855

Evening Dress ca.1855-60

Day dress c.1855